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We talk about craft, art and purpose. Right from sketching, pixels, colours to users. But more generally, UI/UX to us is how we create the plans where form follows functionality.

We imagine to solve problems and create positive change.

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Our modern agile methodology helps us construct, engineer solutions, getting design and user experience right, while forecasting risk and mitigating them.

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Our modern agile methodology helps us construct, engineer solutions, getting design and user experience right, while forecasting risk and mitigating them.



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Competitive analysis

A look at competitors point of view and to a larger extent, understanding trends of industry helps in treading the right direction.

Data analysis

Primary or secondary, any data is important. Insights from data's of users, or just about the product is critical to create a viable solution.

User feedback

What do users say about your product? Opinions, surveys, and few prompting scenario tests will help establish loop holes and scope of improvements.

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User Stories

Persona mapping helps us discover the type, tonality and behaviour of users who are likely to use the interface.

User Flow

Creating user's flow based on the scenarios help us review the journey and create wireframes on top of each step.

Red Routes

Flag obstacles. Alert broken paths that can create absurdity in user's mind hence leading to lower or hated adoption rates.

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Pen and Paper

Sketch, have fun, blurt and redo. Rendering overarching ideas and into paper to begin with is a great idea to channelise thoughts.


Add some details and structure to your ideas, create pages on top of your user flows so you'll not leave anything behind.


Paper or software prototypes are great tools to visualise early version and iterate to more functional ones.

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Information Architecture

With the understanding of user, the information architecture and content hierarchy needs to be established clearly.


Help users to identify your brand's personality. Reflect the tone in choice of content, imagery and culture through design and experience.


Make a perfect match between options of easy access across limited devices and available features. Gaining consistency to ease navigation is our key here.

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UI elements

Meaningful and intuitive visuals, call to actions, visual hierarchy inline with style guidelines are created. This helps in defining the overall elements of design in the interface.


Experiment Pinch, drag, zoom, rotate, shake, left-handed people, mouseover, motion detection and over other zillion gesture methods to craft the right experience.


From watches to TV, responsive design is what we need to elucidate great design anywhere and anyhow. Cross device and platform experience is always a must have.

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Response Time

Intuitiveness is a desired outcome of a perfect UI UX design. Cohort understanding of larger users help us understand and perfect the degree of intuition into design.


Similarly, interfaces for highlighting errors such as downtimes, not found, broken paths are considered important to engage user during his activity on the interface.

Completed actions

In terms of functionality completion and establishing clarity to the user, care is taken to acknowledge a successful completion. Insights on server speed is a critical factor to be considered at this stage.

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KPI Setup

Once the design and experience for the interface is established, we go back to the objectives and scope to map if required goals of the product is established.

AB Test plan

We plan A/B test ahead and roll out User Acceptance Testing with design variations for critical functions. This provides us key inputs for improvising goals and user journeys.


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