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At Origin UI UX Studio, we help bring ideas to interfaces through sensible sublime experiences for your business and its users.

  1. User Research

    User research is a critical step in creating the best user experience. It helps to understand your customers’ behaviour and turn it into actionable insights to improve your design.

    Primary research Secondary research Generative or
    exploratory research
    Evaluative research
  2. UX Research

    Understanding users and preferences could be obligatory. Mapping the actual user behaviour is a mandatory process, especially if the design project you render is on a platform/product improvement sprint.

    Design workshops Wireframe Prototype Information Architecture User Interface Design Gestures Responsive Design
  3. Design Sprints

    At Origin, Business objectives, User requirements, Technology (product road map) are our trinity. This mode helps visualize and iterate a progressive design for your product to get going.

    Competitor Analysis Data Analysis User Feedback User Stories User Flows Red Routes
  4. Design for Scale

    Establishing Design Guidelines and Design System helps sync teams across functions and set scalable design objective clear to the new members of the team giving a seamless design. Helps in avoiding and mitigating risks caused due to lack of consistency, tooltips or confusing design elements.

    Style Guide Pattern Library Purpose and shared values Brand identity & language
  5. Analyse Impact

    A product and the design have its own destiny. Refactoring to befit evolving challenges and business requirements are a part of the digital transformation.

    KPI Setup with every sprint A/B test plan and execution User Testing


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    At Origin we take pride in being one of the few UI UX Agencies in Bangalore India to drive Business led Design.


    Origin is a full stack UI UX Agency in Bangalore,India with a team strength of 20+ creative individuals.


    Together, we are on a mission to help you make every digital experience thoughtfully better.