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The state of tech growth in the city hints for the need to work with UI UX Agency in California

Silicon Valley comes to mind almost immediately when you hear the phrase technology. The region, which is home to Apple, Google, Facebook, and hundreds of other companies, is a major player in wooing tech talent. As a result, it should come as no surprise that California topped our annual Cyberstates study in numerous categories.

But, as surprising as it may seem, California's IT industry – which contributes $481.7 billion to the state's annual GDP, or 18.9% – is much more than Silicon Valley.

We deal with everyone from the world's largest corporations to one-person start-ups with a great idea. We believe that the best way to solve difficult design problems is to have a thorough understanding of the user. We work closely with our clients to meet their requirements.

California is the world's technical innovation leader. California has 1.88 million tech workers, about twice as many as the next-highest-ranking state, and has gained more employment than any other state since 2010. California has more technology-based firms than any other state in the US, ranging from specialised software services to tech manufacturing. And no state's tech economy is more prolific than California's, which alone accounts for more than a quarter of national tech productivity.

There is no better site than California to produce the most cutting-edge technologies. California is home to seven of the top ten AI investors in the world. California received approximately half of all AI venture capital dollars. Right here, you'll find the nation's top-rated computer science university programs and the nation's largest and most diverse network of public universities. California can continue to invest in integrated K-16 education and increase broadband with continuing spending.

Clients who trust us

Key KPIs that you can achieve with OriginUX Studio

Better Product design

The process of creating a new product may be both tough and exhilarating. We work with you to improve the user experience when they interact with your product. That is where we come in.


Designing Customer Service through research and design

OriginUX Studio helps you leverage customer-brand relationships. CX design is the method used by design teams to improve customer experiences at all touchpoints before, during, and after conversion. Customers are delighted at each step of the conversion journey, and strong customer-brand relationships are nurtured, thanks to customer-centered methods.

Seamless Customer Experience

Prior to designing, OriginUX Studio looks for ways to delight the consumer by focusing on the customer journey and maintaining a user-centered approach by investing in a complete understanding of the user through qualitative research.


Our Process

UX Business Strategy

Align a long-term plan to position every customer touchpoint with your vision for a better user experience.

UX Research

Deliver the best possible user experience for the visitors of a website.

UX Audit

Analyse the product, conduct usability testing, identify core issues, and suggest the right next steps.

UX Design

Design products that delight users with their effectiveness.


Implement ideas into tangible forms - from paper to digital.

Front-End Development

Implement the software’s User Interface efficiently with OriginUX Studio .

Design Thinking Workshop at California

What is it?

We're excited to share our best-in-class design approach, which has been the key to our success and will be the motto for yours, with Design Thinking & Consulting from OriginUX Studio.

What's in it for you?

The term "design thinking" refers to a lot more than just the design process. It is also about realising ideas to place your firm on the ultimate route to success, which includes an in-depth perspective of human nature and wants, as well as the encouragement of experimenting.

Benefit of Design Thinking Workshop at California

Collaborative: It requires input from the entire team. It engages with people who can provide a fresh viewpoint and innovative solutions to problems.
Thoroughly Tested: Prototypes or sketches can be used to test ideas and gain feedback early in the process, which can lead to breakthroughs or prevent a waste of time, money, labour, and materials.
Adaptable: From product development to finance to customer service, the adaptable Design thinking technique can be applied anywhere.

Get Demographic and User Insights in California

A detailed "why-what-how" report with recommendations for dealing with the problems ahead. Demographic Insights allows you to learn more about the people who are participating in the online conversation that OriginUX Studio has identified.

Los Angeles' tech scene has exploded in recent years, transforming it into a hotspot for digital talent. LA is more than just the world's entertainment hub. Los Angeles had the second greatest net tech employment of any city in the US, with over 503,000 employees.

Northrop Grumman, Deloitte, Raytheon, and The Boeing Company are among the global corporations looking for tech talent in Los Angeles. The demand for tech talent in Hollywood is increasing, from java developers to software engineers. The tech sector has a significant impact on Los Angeles, accounting for 10.3% of the city's economy, or $91.4 billion.

UI UX Agency in California can help you as an organisation in order to improve your customer experience and build an engaging platform of users.

With the current state of tech growth in the city and more and more people getting on in the digital platform, UI and UX are becoming ever so important.

Get California’s
Market Research

If you want to be successful with digital products, an UI UX agency in California is the best strategic partner.
Partnering with OriginUX Studio - a top UI UX Agency in California will unlock the potential inherent in your product, rather than putting a lot of effort into building a product that won't perform as well as it could.
With designers, strategists, and creative technologists all well-versed in their own fields, OriginUX Studio has impacted some of the top organizations across the country.

When you sign up for California’s Market Research, here’s what you will discover

Market sizing

Know your market sizing so planning becomes easier. The size of the market is an important consideration in strategic planning. Knowing the size of your target market allows you to evaluate opportunities thoroughly and strategically plan your strategy and investments.

User Group and Behaviours

Track what matters from the first download to usage, transactions, and loyalty. If you know more about your visitors, you'll be better positioned to make informed decisions about your website, mobile app, or SaaS (software as a service) application development initiatives.

Feature or service optimization

Your website might be guided in a variety of ways by Service Optimization. To learn what works best for your users, do A/B, multivariate, and redirect testing on your website's content.

Concept testing and optimization

Validate product, design, and marketing concepts early on to save time and money by moving forward with the best ideas.

Discover Unmet needs

User research, such as A/B, multivariate, and redirect tests, aids in analysing user behaviour and what works best for your visitors.

Innovation and ideation

With OriginUX Studio's distinctive innovation and ideation, you can come up with fresh ideas, incorporate new technology, and stay creative.

Know how Market Research will help your UX process

Combine UX research with market research in the discovery phase and beyond.While market research helps you understand the market, User research helps in understanding your user with respect to the product, thus enhancing your UX.
Market and user research are crucial because the findings from these studies help to generate design ideas, which are then tested iteratively to ensure the product or service meets the expectations and needs of users.
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