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The state of tech growth in the city hints for the need to work with UI UX Agency in Hyderabad

Telangana has pioneered the growth of tech in the country. N. Chandrababu Naidu was the one who started the Software Industry in Hyderabad in 1995. HITEC City, often known as Cyberabad, was built with the help of Larsen & Toubro. During his term, Mr Naidu coined the slogans "Bye Bye Bangalore" and "Hello Hyderabad," and worked hard to bring in international corporations such as CA Technologies and Deloitte, as well as build Vision 2020. The progress was continued by the succeeding chief minister, Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy.

Telangana, India's most populous state, exports a substantial amount of software. While Hyderabad has the majority of the sector, other cities in the state are increasingly becoming important IT destinations. The heart of the business in Hyderabad is located at HITECH City, a suburb of Madhapur.

The then-chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu's initiative and development of HITEC City led to the establishment of various IT and ITES companies in the city, as well as Mr Naidu's renaming of the city as "Cyberabad." Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu encouraged Microsoft CEO Bill Gates to relocate the company's first development centre from Redmond, Washington to Hyderabad. Telangana has made significant investments in digital infrastructure. [requires citation] By 2020, Hyderabad will have 600,000 IT/ITES workers employed by more than 1500 organisations.

Hyderabad (Telangana) ranked second in the country with IT exports of 128,807 crore (US$15 billion) in FY 2019-20, up from 109,219 crore ($14 billion, 17.93 percent CAGR) in FY 2018-19.

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Key KPIs that you can achieve with OriginUX Studio

Better Product design

OriginUX Studio helps companies innovate faster and produce better products using real user data and rapid interactions. We help enhance the experience people have while interacting with your product.


People need better services. We design them

We collaborate with our clients to create services that appear simple but are backed up by extensive research, testing, and analysis to ensure they deliver.

Seamless Customer Experience

OriginUX Studio provides the best streamlined customer experience across various channels.

OriginUX Studio has the scale and customizability to help you succeed. Through our App Marketplace and APIs, our open and flexible design enables for easy integration of mission-critical business systems.


Our Process

UX Business Strategy

Align a long-term plan to position every customer touchpoint with your vision for a better user experience.

UX Research

Deliver the best possible user experience for the visitors of a website.

UX Audit

Analyse the product, conduct usability testing, identify core issues, and suggest the right next steps.

UX Design

Design products that delight users with their effectiveness.


Implement ideas into tangible forms - from paper to digital.

Front-End Development

Implement the software’s User Interface efficiently with OriginUX Studio .

Design Thinking Workshop at Hyderabad

What is it?

Design Thinking is a popular problem-solving strategy that takes a human-centered approach to finding answers to complicated situations. The emphasis is on gaining a better knowledge of the people for whom the products or services are being developed.

What's in it for you?

Design thinking is influenced by methods from a variety of fields, including engineering, the arts, social sciences, and business. Participants will study the fundamentals of design thinking, including design processes, human factors, and rapid prototyping, as part of the course.

Benefit of Design Thinking Workshop at Hyderabad

Solutions that are desirable

A design thinking workshop accepts the distinctive attitudes that define the design profession and teaches non-creative people how to use the designer's toolkit. It's a method for converting customers' complaints into a single, understandable problem statement that may be used to solve complex problems and arrive at desirable outcomes.

Collaboration and co-creation

Participants exchange ideas and work together to develop them. It aids teams in gaining a better knowledge of each other's skill sets and how each of them adds significant value through increased collaboration and co-creation.

Reduced Risks

A design thinking workshop allows for an organic flow of ideas. It underlines the need of overcoming preconceptions and being fixated on answers. It raises questions about assumptions and talks about what will and won't work, lowering the risk of the process being repeated.

Get Demographic and User Insights in Hyderabad

Research says that around 88% of online consumers are likely to abandon the site after having a bad experience with it. Websites, apps and similar products cannot be successful without UI/UX design.

Skill has emerged as king as a result of Covid-19's digital transformation effort, which has resulted in a surge in demand for techies with the proper mix of hot digital talents.
The reason for this is that most organisations are chasing a small number of techies with digital abilities, causing attrition rates in Hyderabad's IT & ITeS sector to skyrocket.

According to industry experts, turnover rates that were sitting at 10-15 percent before the pandemic hit last year have now risen to 20-25 percent, and in some cases have even reached 30 percent.

A UI UX Agency in Hyderabad that can help your organisation grow becomes ever more essential.

Growth is a common corporate goal, but it's also a difficult one to achieve. India's Growth Champions are a select group of organisations that have perfected the art of achieving year-over-year growth. Their achievements include lessons from which we may all learn, because the desire to progress is a very human instinct.

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Market Research

If you want to be successful with digital products, an UI UX agency in Hyderabad is the best strategic partner.
Partnering with OriginUX Studio - a top UI UX Agency in Hyderabad will unlock the potential inherent in your product, rather than putting a lot of effort into building a product that won't perform as well as it could.
With designers, strategists, and creative technologists all well-versed in their own fields, OriginUX Studio has impacted some of the top organizations across the country.

When you sign up for Hyderabad’s Market Research, here’s what you will discover

Market sizing

The total number of potential customers of a product or service in a certain market, as well as the total income that these sales potentially generate, make up market sizing.

User Group and Behaviours

Track what matters from the first download to usage, transactions, and loyalty. If you know more about your visitors, you'll be better positioned to make informed decisions about your website, mobile app, or SaaS (software as a service) application development initiatives.

Feature or service optimization

Your website might be guided in a variety of ways by Service Optimization. To learn what works best for your users, do A/B, multivariate, and redirect testing on your website's content.

Concept testing and optimization

Validate product, design, and marketing concepts early on to save time and money by going forward with the best ideas.

Discover Unmet needs

User research, such as A/B, multivariate, and redirect tests, aids in analysing user behaviour and what works best for your visitors.

Innovation and ideation

With OriginUX Studio's proprietary invention and ideation, you can come up with fresh ideas, incorporate new technology, and stay innovative.

Know how Market Research will help your UX process

User research is beneficial since it gives in-depth information. Market research is beneficial since it delivers a wealth of data.
Market and user research are crucial because the findings from these studies help to generate design ideas, which are then tested iteratively to ensure the product or service meets the expectations and needs of users.
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