UX Lessons to Apply to Marketing Campaigns

May 17, 2019 | Read Time : 3 mins

People remember how you made them feel- not what you gave them

User Experience is not only about user experience before CTA or providing them with some coupon code for signing up, but to making sure the Users had a good experience. Acknowledging users for taking and completing an action plays an important role in providing a good experience to the users.

For example in the Swiggy food delivery app, after placing an order, the app suggests users watch a Netflix movie promo while waiting for the order. This is also an experience that helps users stick to the app and also have a good time exploring different aspects apps have to offer.

Fix the website-focus on content optimization

The content on the website is to help users with easy access. But what if users are unable to scan through the content or unable to comprehend the content present on site.

To optimize the content keep the following in mind:

  • Load Time of the website

The website load time should be three seconds or less. If the content and images are not optimized the website will take more time to load, which leads to an increase in bounce rate.

  • Navigation and Ease of Access

The users come to the website cluelessly, and if the website fails to navigate the user to the goal, then the user will have a hard time finding what the website has to offer. Which then leads to an increase in the drop rate.

  • Emphasizing High Priority Information

The website should enable users to easily track primary information. Sites can use bold type, or colour to enhance the high priority information.

  • Optimizing the content

The website also has to make sure of optimizing the content which is easily readable and accessible on all kinds of devices. Mobile responsiveness is one of the important factors websites should focus on for better reachability.

  • Appropriate colour and visual elements

If the website is using more than 2-3 primary colours then it’s should update its UI. More colours can create confusion, using a few colours and using them appropriately helps users understand what is important in the site.

A good User Experience is not possible without great content

To make users stick to the site, great content is to be paired with User Experience. Even if the user has arrived at the website by looking at attractive graphics, they can be still clueless about what to do if there is no navigation. Important information is often read than seen. If the site has successfully conveyed desired user experience, it also has to look at every piece of content to support this perception.

Know your users Inside Out

If you don’t have proper research on the different types of users visiting the site, chances are the site lacks proper UX. The research on users is equivalent to the investment made in marketing strategies. User Research enables what the users are looking for, what their problems are, and how they want the product/service to help them.

User Research also helps in making the journey that is backed by research and helps the user to achieve their goal. Researching on users and making things easy for them helps businesses also improve conversion rate, as the user is easily navigating and accessing the website for their purpose.

Improve Focus by limiting choices, and removing distractions

Choice Paralysis is the term most websites tend to avoid. If the user is presented with too many options chance is he/she will drop and choose none. The goal is to achieve the primary action. And websites here should focus on elements that take the user towards that goal. If the users are distracted in between with a sign-up page or register for a discount, chances are users will drop from the path which will help achieve desired results.

Limiting the number of options, and features send a clear idea to the user on what path to take on for achieving the goal which helps both business and user.

User experience is the new gold standard for marketing campaigns. We live in a world where business is becoming increasingly competitive. One way to stay ahead of the game, and get more customers for your company- whether you are an individual entrepreneur or large corporation with multiple brands under him/herself is by making User Experience (UX), the core of your process.

If used correctly, businesses can see higher conversion rates and a greater return on investment as they invest in user-experience strategies like increasing their website’s navigation efficiency or adding social media integration capabilities to increase customer engagement opportunities.


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