How much revenue can you expect to see from your investment in user experience?

April 25, 2021 | Read Time : 3 mins

There is no definite amount a company/business can earn with investment in User Experience.

Jard Spool, UX designer, wrote in an article how a slight tweak in the sign-up button at their company helped them achieve $300 million of revenue.

In the last blog we discussed, User Experience measurements can only be estimated. What happens is that the design only changes one factor of the website and not the whole. Another reason for not getting accurate results is, designers can estimate users will take a particular path. However, all users are not the same, different users can take a different pathway to complete similar actions.

In 1996, IBM’s CEO T.J. Watson, JR wrote, ‘Good design is good business.

IBM is also the one that came up with the quote ‘Every dollar invested in ease of use returns $10 to $100‘.

Investment in User Experience design brings good revenue for the business. Still, there are certain things to keep in mind before you start investing in UX without any background check and research.

Let’s take the $300 million button example here; if Spool’s company had not conducted research and user interviews, they would have never realized the main problem. After carrying out the research and user interviews, they found users were dropping out and users couldn’t complete a purchase due to the pre-sign-up option.

User Experience Design = User

UX is booming in business and technology because it makes sure that the product is well designed, easy to use, and aligns business and user goals.

Walmart saw a booming 214% user growth after they redesigned their website. The hike in revenue is investing in what the user wants from the website and providing the easiest way for them to reach their goal.

Here are some ways to achieve an estimate of the desired revenue:

Research, research, and more research!

Research enables you to work on the areas which need improvements. Before designing and placing a button that helped in $300 million of revenue, Jared Spool’s team conducted research and found out customers did not want to sign-up and then shop. In your case, it can be something related to the download, too many banners, or difficult navigation throughout the website.

Know Your Users

The step after research is to know all kinds of users for your website. After conducting user interviews, or asking people to fill small surveys while using your website/product, can help gather crucial information. Then this information can help build the user journey. User journey enables place all the essential features and elements that the user will require to finish an action.

A/B Testing

After mapping the user pathways, there can be more than one ideal design. Testing both designs on the set of people will help analyze which design is more interactive and useful for users. This step allows putting features and elements in an orderly fashion, where all the marketing elements can be placed for users to explore.

After A/B testing, the design team has a clear view of what design will help users access and interact more with the product.

This step allows marketing analysis to be implemented. Later, during the user journey, designers can place elements that help turn the user into potential leads such as, sign-up, registering, making payment, etc.

These three topics broadly cover what we have discussed on User Experience and how it impacts SEO and ROI. There are many other steps to take into consideration. However, to keep revenue in mind, understanding these three points can help set the right growth estimates.

UX is credited with helping AirBnB go from near-failure to a $10 billion valuation. During the first year of Amazon, Jeff Bezos spent 100 times more on customer experience than he did on advertising. Tom Proulx, the co-founder of Intuit, was a pioneer of usability testing and placed a strong emphasis on simplicity of use in his products. Virgin America had a 14 per cent boost in conversion rate, 20 percent fewer support calls, and twice-as-fast booking speeds after rethinking their design. Similarly, HubSpot, a company decided to re-think the user experience on its site, starting from the ground level with user feedback. As a result, The conversion rate doubled (tripled, even, in some areas).

UX is more than just a matter of aesthetics. It’s all about a comprehensive approach. You’re developing a vision and strategy that will delight users while also delivering measurable business returns. Because you won’t be wasting time pondering alternative options or ideas, better UX enhances team productivity.


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