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We are a UI UX design studio in Sharjah that specialises in turning your business visions into reality

User Interface (UI) Design represents the front end of a website. It essentially determines human computer communication and involves the optimal use of elements such as colors, texts and images, conveying users with clarity the intended objective of a page.

User Experience (UX) Design principles aim to improve the quality of interaction a user has with a website. This involves generating wireframes, sitemaps, and content structuring in order to create navigation schemes for the user.

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At Origin UX, with years of experience, our mobile app UI UX design company in Sharjah focuses largely on user experience

A company offering Web Design Services in Sharjah, will create the perfect amalgamation of UI UX design principles for a website, helping your business connect with target audiences, increase conversion rate and improve brand awareness.

The active internet population of UAE stands at 9.73 million which is about 99% of its total population. Mobile phones are the preferred medium of 53% of the total users accessing the internet, with 45% using desktops and laptops.

UI/UX Design Services

On average a user spends 7 hour 3 minutes online. This may seem a lot but, capturing the fickle attention of a potential user when there are literally millions of options to choose from becomes a strenuous task.

Similarly, there are more than 1.7 billion websites in the world with only 25% of them being active.

Differentiating your brand, constantly evolving, innovating, providing value to the users has become imperative to surviving in the digital environment.

A Company providing Web UI UX Design Services in Sharjah, will ensure your website is a reflection of your brand, it is robust, scalable and adaptable by nature, device responsive and will continue to provide value to both your business and end user.

User Intensive Research we begin our design process by understanding the behavior of the target audience. Various research techniques such as Primary, Explorative, Generative, and Evaluative are employed in order to create actionable tasks.

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  • Information Architecture we create a blueprint of the website, planning, sorting and organizing elements which will ensure optimal navigation schemes for the end user.

    Wireframe and Prototypes we model wireframes on the agreed upon designs with the focus on navigation, functionality and effectiveness of a screen. Interactive prototypes provide a preview of the end solution which helps us iron out kinks with the inner workings of the website before it goes live.

    Interactive Testing rigorous usability testing ensues, testing scenarios on different devices, with the intent of finding and fixing any functionality, navigation or other defects.

    Benefits of employing Web Design Services in Sharjah

    • Improved customer conversion rate
    • Intuitive designs leading to customer retention
    • Increase in revenue for business
    • Reduced development costs
    • Reduced support costs
    • Brand awareness and recognition


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    Transfer design knowledge faster with workshops and associated outputs.

    UI/UX design workshops for enterprise help teams ideate, sprint, decide - faster and better.

    No more disconnects and confusion.


    What is the difference between UI and UX?

    UI design stands for User Interface design while UX stands for User Experience Design. UI is what the users see in an interface and UX is the experience they have while doing it.

    Why must businesses choose a web UI/UX design company in Sharjah?

    The Sharjah population is highly internet savvy and digitally aware. They understand the value of good design. So, businesses must choose web design services in Sharjah in Sharjah to strike a chord with the Sharjah audience

    What design process do you follow?

    Our design process is based on research, alignment with business goals and following a user-centric approach to the whole process.

    What are the challenges in UI/UX design?

    The main challenges of UI/UX design is justifying the design process to the stakeholders and coming up with innovative user research mechanisms.

    What is meant by design thinking?

    "Design thinking" is a human centric approach to UI/UX design that involves innovative thinking, and creative problem solving.