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We are a UI UX design studio in Dubai that specialises in turning your business visions into reality

Our web UI/UX Design Company in Dubai is an independent agency with a dedicated team of designers who design, develop and test interfaces with the right mix of strategy, creativity and technology to help startups, and small businesses to build products that enhance the user experience.

Our web design company in Dubai creates designs that echo the brand image, follow the brand guidelines, and reach the niche audience.

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we have been rated as one of the best UI/UX design companies in Dubai

At Origin UX, with years of experience, our mobile app UI UX design company in Dubai focuses largely on user experience

Outsourcing UI/UX design projects to our web design company in Dubai will enable your organization to gain access to the knowledge and expertise of our multidisciplinary design team. From research specialists to creative teams to design strategists, they can bring their vast experience from diverse projects and industries to the UI/UX design. The external UX services combined with a firm understanding of the business will work towards building the best product possible.

Our research process primarily “meeting the users” via surveys and interviews. Similar and varied use-cases, solutions, opinions, reactions, and approaches are analysed. The designers put themselves in the users’ shoes to get a better perspective of their problems.

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Build and Test User Scenarios Our next phase is building concrete user scenarios encompassing all elements like what the user thinks, feels, says or does. Our professional Web UI UX Design Services in Dubai uncovers factors that drive user behavior, user needs that they are themselves not aware of and weaknesses in the existing design. User personas form a part of this stage that include user motivators, needs and desires, and what frustrates them online.

Create Mockups during this phase, our qualified UI/UX design team attempts to give a life to an idea through diagrams, flowcharts, and paper prototypes. Sketches of screenshots are made to represent the digital version for better understanding. Wireframes are designed for digital prototyping.

Test and Review the next step we follow in our design process is to test the effectiveness of the prototype. It is tested with real users for authentic responses and validation. The goal of this step is to find out whether the solution designed delivers the expected outcome or not.

Develop Based on the test results and feedback from the clients, our development team begins working on the final product with all functional elements intact. This is an iterative process where continuous feedback helps to improve the design further until it matches with the clients’ expectations.

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  • Achieve your business goals our web UI UX design services in Dubai includes analysis of the customer journey, developing concepts and finding opportunities to achieve your business goals. Involving our expert designers at early stages can enhance your productivity and help you stay ahead of competition.

    Understand your customers better by employing our web design services in Dubai, you can streamline your designs to deliver exactly what your users need and want. This knowledge particularly helps startups and small businesses to cater to their niche audience.

    Test your ideas before implementation testing the design ideas early on can save businesses a lot of time and money. Our web UI/UX design company in Dubai does just that. Our designers create prototypes that simulate the real product and iteratively test it until the desired functionality is achieved.


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    Transfer design knowledge faster with workshops and associated outputs.

    UI/UX design workshops for enterprise help teams ideate, sprint, decide - faster and better.

    No more disconnects and confusion.


    What is the difference between UI and UX?

    UI design stands for User Interface design while UX stands for User Experience Design. UI is what the users see in an interface and UX is the experience they have while doing it.

    Why must businesses choose a web UI/UX design company in Dubai?

    The Dubai population is highly internet savvy and digitally aware. They understand the value of good design. So, businesses must choose web design services in Dubai in Dubai to strike a chord with the Dubai audience

    What design process do you follow?

    Our design process is based on research, alignment with business goals and following a user-centric approach to the whole process.

    What are the challenges in UI/UX design?

    The main challenges of UI/UX design is justifying the design process to the stakeholders and coming up with innovative user research mechanisms.

    What is meant by design thinking?

    "Design thinking" is a human centric approach to UI/UX design that involves innovative thinking, and creative problem solving.