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We are a UI UX design studio in Chennai that specialises in turning your business visions into reality

As one of the top UI development companies in Chennai, We have been helping our customers actualise their ideas of how they want to present their product to the world

Our experience as a UI UX design studio in Chennai has taught us that the perfect solution lies in the assimilation of our customer's targets and trying to meet them with the help of our own design principles to create an unmatched user experience

About us

If you're looking for a UI UX designer in Chennai then look no further

we have been rated as one of the best UI/UX design companies in Chennai

At Origin UX, with years of experience, our mobile app UI UX design company in Chennai focuses largely on user experience

Our team of expert professionals have worked with companies across diverse sectors such as banking, automobiles, food and beverage, e-commerce, Agtech, fashion, and many more

Our outcome-oriented approach is based on thorough research and data analysis to find out areas where we can improve. This sets us apart from the host of UI development companies in Chennai

UI/UX Design Services

In today's digital world, user experience is the key factor that helps companies hang on to their customer base. Any technological product will only be able to capture the market with a highly interactive interface that guarantees a satisfactory user experience

Finding the right UI UX designer in Chennai can be difficult, and that's exactly what we are here to solve

Having been ranked among the best UI development companies in Chennai, we have a demonstrated history of excellence that is evident from the product interfaces that we have created for our highly esteemed clientele

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  • Our UI UX design studio in Chennai provides a range of packages that will appeal to different user groups. The benefits of choosing to work with our UI UX designer in Chennai are not limited to enhanced usability, but also a holistic user experience for your product that can help it beat the competition

    Being one of the best UI/UX design companies in Chennai, we follow :

    • an exhaustive design procedure which includes requirement gathering and understanding
    • creation of use cases and user personas, researching current market trends, analysing competition, ideation and development of information architectures and wireframes
    • designing of interfaces
    • deployment of the designed interfaces
    • rigorous usability testing
    • refactoring of the design to fit client's requirements

    Our flexible pricing structure makes us one of the most unique UI/UX design services in Chennai and across India. We charge our clients on the basis of the complexity and scope of the project. After a thorough analysis of these factors, we offer premium services at the most competitive prices


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    Transfer design knowledge faster with workshops and associated outputs.

    UI/UX design workshops for enterprise help teams ideate, sprint, decide - faster and better.

    No more disconnects and confusion.