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We are a UI UX design studio in Ajman that specialises in turning your business visions into reality

Only a functional, quick and efficient website would be able to hold the attention of the users, and encourage them to dig deeper. To ensure optional website user satisfaction, it is imperative to focus on the aspects of User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX). A UI UX design company helps in developing a website that the users can smoothly explore, and find attractive.

Our Web UI UX Design Company in Ajman can develop innovative websites that are equipped with a cohesive, integrated set of experiences. We design wireframes, define interaction models, build prototypes and work on the brand color, to create a product that your target audience would surely appreciate.

About us

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At Origin UX, with years of experience, our mobile app UI UX design company in Ajman focuses largely on user experience

Digital transformation has picked up a rapid pace in the Middle Eastern regions like Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Dubai. Even the IDC reports suggest that digital transformation creativities have gotten a huge boost in the MENA countries, and are expected to rise consistently in the near future as well. The growing appeal of the digital domain in the region has augmented the need for good Web UI UX Design Services in Ajman.

As a provider of Web Design Services in Ajman, we can help you in creating an impactful website, which creates a memorable impression in the mind of the target audience. Our seamless designs would encourage them to stay on the website and even come back to it again. We aim at creating a flawless integration of both the web design and development elements to ensure an extremely appealing and hassle-free user experience.

UI/UX Design Services

Core Issues: Our Web Design Company in Ajman can effectively identify core issues in a website, and provide consultation in user experience, strategy and product positioning.

Opportunities: We identify the opportunities to provide a frictionless digital experience to the users.

Possibilities: We talk about the art, craft and purpose that can enhance a website, and ensure its optimal functionality. Our key aim is to solve problems, and develop a tangible impact.

Users: As an experienced provider of Web UI UX Design Services in Ajman we develop experiences based on the emotions and traits of the end users.

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  • Technology: Diverse platforms and browsers are taken into account by use to create a web experience through the ideal technology.

    Adaptability: We aim at providing responsive and intuitive solutions for diverse website concerns.

    Solution: The design journey of our Web UI UX Design Company in Ajman unfolds after having an adequate understanding of users, technology, and environment. We present an overall presentation of the project approach to the clients. Sprints: Our design process takes place in sprints, starting with brainstorming and workshops to running a basic acceptance test of each idea at every stage.

    Wireframe: Subsequent to mapping the customer journey, the wireframes of the interface designs proposed are modeled

    Interface: While abiding by the principles of balance, aesthetics, form and function, we develop graphics for the user interface.

    Prototypes: We prototype screens to expertly measure the ease of user experience.

    Benefits of UI UX design Company

    • Offering Web Design Services in Ajman, we can develop a successful UX design that gives your brand a competitive edge, and drives more leads to your brand.
    • We create beautiful and intuitive websites that can create an impact on your target audience, ensuring high customer retention.
    • Investing in user experience upfront can considerably reduce costs down the line, due to reduced usability issues.

    Our flexible pricing structure makes us one of the most unique UI/UX design services in Chennai and across India. We charge our clients on the basis of the complexity and scope of the project. After a thorough analysis of these factors, we offer premium services at the most competitive prices


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    Transfer design knowledge faster with workshops and associated outputs.

    UI/UX design workshops for enterprise help teams ideate, sprint, decide - faster and better.

    No more disconnects and confusion.


    What is the difference between UI and UX?

    UX can be considered to be the emotional outcome after interactions with a product, while UI is the space where interaction between the product and the user takes place.

    What type of website designs do you develop?

    We create designs that are theme-oriented and user-friendly, while trying to promote the business idea or brand elements discussed by the client.

    Do I need UI UX services for my brand?

    All businesses need UI UX friendly websites to attract more customers and drive conversions.

    How much time will it take for you to design a website?

    The time our Web Design Company in Ajman takes to design your website would depend on your project requirements.

    What will be the minimum cost for your design services?

    The amount charged by us for our services would depend on your project. Get in touch with us to know more.