Event Mobile app
with admin module

  • Client NHCE
  • Year 2018
  • Industry Education
  • Tags UI UX, UI UX Design, Event App Design
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The college approached us with an idea of designing an Event App exclusively for their students. With over 56 clubs and an average of 4 events a month, it was tedious for organizors, volunteers and participants to keep a track of the upcoming and ongoing events.

The app was seen as a solution if it could help solve the following user tasks:

  1. Register with authentication module
  2. Register and sign up for Clubs and Events
  3. A home screen with on-going and details about event they have registered for
  4. Connect with organizers over call or email
  5. Recieve reminders, alerts and get notified

And for the admins, a Web app helped them with following tasks:

  1. Create, modify and control list of events, clubs and users
  2. Schedule notifications, reminders
  3. Control list of attendees and sort organizers and volunteers better


  1. Grouping

    The home page encompasses three functionalities:

    A. Search B. Browse C. Navigate
  2. Imagery & Colours

    To provide the user a feel that is lighter and easy to use, shades of whites and greys, with highlights of Blue (The Brand Colour) have been used for Nav bars and CTA’s.

    Imageries mostly depict the event and are quite colourful in nature.

  3. Discovery

    The search bar on top helps students head over to their CLUB directly.

    For first timers, a list of swipe-through bar with clubs are present.

    Upcoming events highlight the events sorted according to nearest occuring by date and time.

    To ease the registering process, one-click registration screen with a selection of user role is provided.

    A upward slide menu screen can be accessed from menu on the bottom Nav bar and Settings & profile details can be accessed from the right profile picture on the bottom Nav bar.

    In the detailed Event page, details related to location, timing and about the event are provided along side, access to the organizer via call or text.