Job referral app

  • Client NetConnect
  • Year 2019
  • Industry Human Resource
  • Tags Mobile App Design, UI/UX design
UI UX Design Agency Services

Netconnect’s app for Job referral was designed to aid adequate hiring via referrals through the company’s employees who by now, already know the culture of the organization.

As part of its features, the app encompasses:

  1. A rewarding experience
  2. Ease of tagging and sharing information by the referrer to his network
  3. Gamified approach with referral leaderboad


  1. Product Idea

    The mobile application is a one-stop, on-the-go referring solution helping employees share open positions through the mail and across multiple social networking platforms (like LinkedIn, Whatsapp, etc.), get real-time status updates for referred profiles and earn rewards.

  2. User Goals

    1. Search open jobs easily 2. Refer profiles on the go 3. Share jobs across social media platforms with ease 4. Real time tracking of your referrals 5. Earn rewards
  3. approach

  4. Navigation

    The app showcases a list of open profile on the home page, upon login. Aided using filters such as location, department and designation, the list showcases open positions in a card format. Further details about the job appear on the job description screen.

  5. Imagery & Colours

    Overall we have used pastel colours in pleasant combinations to give users an interface that is modern, present and pleasant to use. Blocks of colours have been used for CTA’s where the text needs focus.

  6. Discovery

    To help employees be aware of the referral status, a real time update of the status is fed live.

    A gamified leader board showcases targets and performance of peers on the ‘My Rewards’ screen.