A Culinary Learning

  • Client Fatafeat ICCA Online
  • Year 2016
  • Industry Education
  • Tags UI UX, Culinary learning app design, learning app UX
UI UX Design Agency Services

A Culinary Learning initiative between Fatafeat, part of Discovery Networks, and the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA Dubai), to deliver A New Way Of Learning Food, based on the innovative concept of bringing together Television Media and Online Learning Platform, to effectively deliver - Online cooking program and help learners get a City & Guilds, London, Accredited Certificate in “Home Kitchen Skills”.

  1. Classes Modelled Around User
  2. Real-Time and Exam Oriented Tests
  3. Blended Effective Learning

Aiming to be a platform that inspire people from anywhere, without necessarily enrolling into a top culinary school to cover their gaps in professional learning. Fatafeat ICCA makes courses available online inline to the TV programme aided with tests that can graduate to certification.


  1. Product Idea

    For a large set of people, learning culinary as a skill has become a passion today. At the comfort of home, competitive fees structure, people can take up guided culinary classes and work their way up to become professionals.

  2. User Goals

    1. The user defines courses that they want to learn 2. Objectives of the course, methods and guided instruction via images, videos and text are available within the app 3. Once the course is purchased, the user has the access to the course contents and guided steps to complete the course upon a successful completion of the course assessment
  3. approach

  4. Grouping

    Courses are grouped into 15 lessons starting form starters, appetizers, mains and desserts. Courses advance with seasons, in-line with the Telivision cooking program. User can take up preferred lessons or seasons.

  5. Imagery & Colours

    Images are crucial drivers of decision making for users to preview the final output. Right text vs image ratio was a critical component for the design. Our card approach design worked seamessly for android and iOS. Pleasant visuals in brand colours simulated interest and overall appeal.

    Preview images were no bigger than thumbnail on the home screens. Top banner sections were used as placebolders for multiple images or videos.

  6. Discovery

    To help people get started with a preference, the episodes are classified as popular, trending, recommended and by categories.

    As users browse through they can bookmark, add to list.

    Feeds help users with a series of live notification from the brand that may contextually also serve as reminders, offers, advertisement to fuel TV viewership.

    A live score based quiz helps users master the course and therby graduate for a certification.