MIDAS - Static

  • Client Hormega | Societe Generale
  • Year 2019
  • Industry Fintech
  • Tags Fintech UI UX Design, Fintech Design

An intuitive and powerful tool designed to takes care of Market Data related requirements. Delightful design is the way to make customers of such B2B websites help convey messages efficiently and quickly. Unified UI approach based on card design gives this fintech website design a refreshing approach. Play among hues of blues with an overlay of imageries and dual-toned icons give the design the necessary uplift.

Pleasant transitions, with a spaced-out typography approach, renders the message a lot neater and avoids the sections to look cluttered. Thin-line minimal graphics aid in the necessary explanation of the process of what MIDAS does.

A simple well categorized UX approach has been adopted while defining MIDAS's website.