Farm to Fork
Aggregator App

  • Year 2018
  • Industry FMCG
  • Tags Mobile App UI, UI / UX Design

The brand delivers fresh organic produce direct from farm to customers. To ease the otherwise cumbersome process of visiting a farmer’s market for people, this innovative brand has redefined the shopping experience via app for its subscribers. With a range of purchase methods, the app is super convinient for people who enjoy organic products.

Aiming to be a platform that inspires people to switch to organic and consume fresh procure directly from farm, this app covers consumer’s gaps of “procurement time”, making the yeilds and other related products and grocery available for purchase right from the app.

  1. Classes Modelled Around User
  2. Real-Time and Exam Oriented Tests
  3. Blended Effective Learning
  4. Connect on chat/video with trainer

Aiming to be a platform that inspires students and employed people to cover their gaps of “learning time” CloutLearn makes courses available online with immediate reach out to the trainer for 1-to-1 conversation via Chat and Call.


  1. User Goals

    1. The user defines courses that they want to buy 2. Description of the yield, delivery due, and price details are understood 3. Once the items are purchased, the user has the access to tracking and history of purchase
  2. approach

  3. Grouping

    The app’s navigation is heavily dependent on it’s grouping efficiency. Predominently the main grouping ranges from Vegetables, Fruits, Oils, Rice, Cereals, Diary, Sweetners and other Groceries.

    The offers & notifications appear in between these sorted categories.

  4. Imagery & Colours

    Given the app is related to farm and associated yields, the quality of freshness as ought to be maintained. We let the brand colours take the center stage, accentuated with the merchandise colours.

    Thoughtfully, the merchandise were always shown as whole and clear in white backgrounds.

  5. Discovery

    Filters, and card options help users to navigate within the app.

    Highlights on the top of the home page provides the brand to allow share story bursts and thereby creating a voice for the brand.

    Vertical card sorting for category display and horizontal scrolling for subcategory display works well for this app given the amount of SKU’s in the system.

    Differential UI based on the heirarchy of notifications, the call outs were interlaced within the card sections.