UI UX for Learning
Management System

  • Client Clout Learn
  • Year 2018
  • Industry Education
  • Tags UI UX, LMS design, Learning App
UI UX Design Agency Services

CloutLearn is a Blended Learning platform that provides continuous learning via traditional training and online training methods.

As part of their features, the platform encompasses:

  1. Classes Modelled Around User
  2. Real-Time and Exam Oriented Tests
  3. Blended Effective Learning
  4. Connect on chat/video with trainer

Aiming to be a platform that inspires students and employed people to cover their gaps of “learning time” CloutLearn makes courses available online with immediate reach out to the trainer for 1-to-1 conversation via Chat and Call.


  1. Product Idea

    In today’s fast-paced time, people can often feel lost on their own, especially when starting to learn a new course.

    But what if the opposite is true - where you can blend the best of both types of learning; 1-to-1 Coaching and Learning Online.

    CloutLearn offers reminders, revision modules, that enable Continuous Learning.

  2. User Goals

    1. The user defines courses that they want to learn 2. Objectives of the course, curriculum and schedule are available for preview 3. Once the course is purchased, the user has the access to the course details
  3. approach

  4. Grouping

    The home page opens to a controlled alternative search bar, with 3 filters: Course, Duration & Intensity.

    By increasing the colour contrast between the background and buttons, these different options become more clear.

  5. Imagery & Colours

    Imagery is an important element that helps people to get inspired. To bring the users attention to the text, the suggested solution was iconography that depicted the course name.

    Overall we have used gradients to give users an interface that is modern, present and pleasant to use. Blocks of colours have been used for CTA’s where the text needs focus.

  6. Discovery

    To help people refine their search between weekdays, and weekends the cards are sorted with a tag to help people classify.

    Each course tab has Overview, Curriculum and Duration details.

    To ease the registering process, pop-ups are designed without navigation out of the course page.

    Pricing and programmes are customized along and hence users book the course before proceeding with payments.

    Completion level of the courses and completed courses are stacked under my course screen.

    Option for Request for reading and practice materials are available on e-mail.