our process

designing interfaces for Meaningful ideas

Core Issues

Bespoke approach and transparent procedures allow Origin to adapt easily to new requirements at every stage of the process. While only a few recognize how much their business can change for the better with the right UX. We help identify core issues and offer consultation in product positioning, strategy and user experience.


It is critical to offer users a seamless, frictionless digital experience that aligns with their daily lives. Users have evolved to expect an optimized user experience as a basic requirement, and it’s now become a prerequisite implementation strategy across all platforms and devices.


We talk about craft, art and purpose. Right from sketching, pixels, colours to users. But characteristically, UI/UX to us is how we create the plans where form follows functionality. We imagine to solve problems and create tangible impacts.


We develop experiences based on traits and emotions of end users of the product or service. We are specific that we relate to the voice and emotions of your users. Personas and their cognitive aspects get tagged along with the design process. Means of understanding users to include derivative surveys around groups and one-to-one scale.


It is vital to understand your user's synergy between environments and technologies. Likewise, we weigh all browsers and platforms when creating your experience and choosing an apt technology.


Today’s range of hardware, wearables and exposure of technology and related interfaces, led to users creating a need for a responsive and intuitive solution with effective design thinking. Intelligent and rich experiences with simplest of task flows have helped us craft the best experiences to solve complex issues of businesses via their products interfaces.


With acute understanding about users, technology, and environment the journey of design unfolds. Tech stack, Design system, UI guidelines are created at this stage. An overall presentation towards the approach of the design project is unveiled to the stakeholders - Clients, Designers & Developers. After a unanimous agreement, the design sprints get rolling.


Our Design Process occurs in sprints. We begin with workshops, brainstorm and look up to the sketches as part of our binding ritual. With every sprint, we achieve and crystalize customer journey, customer status quo to accommodate stakeholders point of view and even take run basic acceptance testing of the proposed ideas at each stage.


After charting the customer journey, wireframes of the proposed interface designs are modeled. The screens are mapped and designed mindful With the purpose to achieve clarity on navigation, functionality, content architecture, the screens are mapped and designed. As a part of the larger approach, screens are designed specifically for technologies and platforms i.e RWD (Responsive web design), Android, iOS etc.


At this stage, the Graphic for the user interface is conceived. Principles of aesthetics, balance, form and function are used to create details of the elements. The output of this stage is static screens with proposed fonts, colours and visuals. This sprint helps in establishing clarity to the visual aspect of the interface between designers and developers.


This sprint helps you simulate a preview of the design in action. Before implementing the interface, we countercheck navigation, interaction, and intuitiveness of functions. Here we prototype the screens to measure ease of user experience. Interaction and design responsiveness are understood with a basic adaption of user testing.


After adequate iterations and satisfactory completion of the prototyping, the designs are moved to production. Bulletproof, clean and responsive codes are developed bringing the interface to life!


Rigorous user and usability acceptance tests are run across devices and scenarios constantly looking for loopholes, broken paths, or any such defects that may be cleaned before it goes live!