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UX Designer's Guide: Designing for Senses in Virtual world

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UI Decisions: Rounded Corners on Buttons

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5 Psychology principles every UX designer must know

Providing excellent user experience is the foremost requirement for any company’s application, software or website.

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Best Customer Onboarding Practices: The Key to New Acquisitions and Recurring Interaction

Instagram had 90 million active users in 2013. Today, they have over a billion. If that isn’t a brilliant example of customer acquisition.

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How Important is a Good UI/UX for Universities?

Most educational websites focus on keeping students, teachers and parents informed, through relevant and updated content, but they never really focus on HOW this information is accessed by readers.

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Best Alternatives to Hamburger Menus and When to Use Them

Being a UI designer, you must have definitely heard of the term hamburger menus. Even if you haven’t, you would have most certainly seen it.

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Voice-Enabled Payments: The New Revolution in Fintech

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Designing for Voice-Enabled UI and UX

Human Machine Interaction (HMI) plays an integral role in the success of any form of technology or technological product that is released today.

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How much of Competitor Analysis is actually good enough?

When we looked at our route map, we started straight, we intended to pull over at 50 miles but ended up stopping by McDonald’s on the driveway,

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Let users judge your product

I recently attended a celebration party of one of our clients, in the honour of onboarding their 10,000th customer.

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Mapping scoped & needed analytics in UX

Analytics is as huge as the black hole and as interesting as the Illuminaties. It has the power to distract and hijack conversations related to the much intriguing topic of User Behaviour.

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UX Designers, Are You Ready For The Alternate World?

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